All fun and games steering and stopping but we'd also like to get going too!

Depending on your car's manufacturer, there's a few different options of how your accelerator works:

Newer cars will come fitted with electronic throttles, especially automatics and diesels, this is effectively a potentiometer - there's a solution for these vehicles called a Pedal - in effect it's a microcontroller which intercepts the pedal signal and modifies it based on the desired acceleration, nice and simple.

In older vehicles this will be a cable which directly drives your throttle body, in a older diesel it's a bit more complicated but effectively it's the same principle. These are a bit more tricky since you'll either need to retrofit a newer unit if they exist or get into a bit of DIY.

There are a few custom throttle bodies which have been worked on in Retropilot's Discord #actuators channel, these are intended to bolt on or replace the existing unit and enable for electronic control. Wocsor is currently working on a CAN BUS controlled module for his 2004 Toyota Celica.

(WIP: Pics of each type?)

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