Column Mounted Power Steering Modules

Column mounted Electronic Power Steering Modules usually sit behind the steering wheel, these are nice as it's much easier to access compared to their rack mounted counter parts - you don't have to get dirty!

These modules have not existed in electric form, previously it would have been a hydraulic system with the steering rack.

Volkswagen column unit

This style of module usually comes with the adjustable steering column mount, this allows you to move the assembly forwards, backwards, up, and down.

The spline on the left is used to attach and bolt to the steering wheel, towards the middle there are two mounting points, these prevent the adjustable column being pulled from the rest of the module as it's a friction fit. Towards the back slightly obscured by the motor is another mounting point, this is the main hanger for the module. The long bar attached is the steering shaft, this has two U-Joints and fixed with multispline bolts, this will attach the EPS module directly to your steering rack.

It has two relevant connectors on the controller, a two position connector for main power, and a smaller 3 position connector for ignition and CAN BUS.

Toyota column unit

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Basically tldr you don't need to swap the entire module, just repin the harness and swap out the controller, very cool. Also been reverse engineered to work in standalone mode.

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