Retrofit Instructions

Overview of the retrofit process

Currently this retrofit has only been carried out on two Skoda Rapid's, 2015 & 2016 respectively.


This should be fairly universal however PLEASE CHECK YOUR CAR'S REPAIR MANUAL, the experiences listed here may not be relevant for your car, please see the table below which details cars where this has been carried out. As always this is for reference only and no sane person should do this.

Successful Retrofits


Skoda Rapid (2016)


Parts List


2QX 909 144


Replace X with 1 for LHD, 2 for RHD

T25 Torx


13 mm socket


Size 12 Triple Square


Trim Removal Tool


If you intend to take the dashboard out buy some allen key style torxs as well as regular screwdrivers, this will make getting into tight spots easier. You can do it without removing the dashboard in some models.

Skoda Rapid Retrofit

These instructions are from the retrofit conducted on a Skoda Rapid, since these vehicles share a lot of their designs some of these steps will be applicable to other vehicles.

  1. Remove the TripleSquare (XZN) bolt from the U-joint on the rear of the EPS unit

    1. This is located above the brake pedal.

    2. Rotate the steering wheel to expose the bolt

  2. Remove trim from steering wheel (2 T25's(?))

  3. Disconnect electrical connections

  4. Unbolt the two steering column bolts (2 size 13 socket)

  5. Release the steering column adjuster and pull the entire steering wheel forward

    1. It should come free from the rest of the steering column

    2. Ensure you haven't forgotten any connectors

  6. Disconnect the two connectors from the EPS controller

  7. Unscrew the final supporting bolt from the EPS (13mm socket)

  8. Carefully remove the EPS module

    1. If this is being removed with the dash in place pivot the eps out from the opposite side of the controller

    2. You can remove the black tube from the EPS to assist in getting it out, it is held in with 4 8mm sockets.

For reinstallation of the new EPS follow the above instructions in reverse.

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