Skrrt and skidding

Depending on what sort of steering system your car already has will dictate where you'll go, for example if you have a Volkswagen from 2006 onwards it's likely you can replace your steering rack with one that supports Lane Keep Assist, the same with Toyota but substantially - easier just requiring a module swap.

Vehicles without a fairly generic upgrade path are where things get interesting. The most direct route would be to cut into your steering column and directly weld a Toyota column mounted power steering module, this will then allow you to have a Panda/Ocelot send the required message to the column and achieve control.

If you already have a hydraulic power steering rack, most people will just "loop" the hydraulic lines and delete the pump, this could potentially cause some issues down the line but no failures have been reported as of yet. If you wanted to do it "right" you'd retrofit a manual steering rack.

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