Interfacing with Vehicles

No, not the bears

Pandas are critical parts of any setup, these devices bridge the gap between your cars physical network and your Open/RetroPilot device.

While Pandas ultimately just speak with your cars CAN BUS network, there's dedicated safety code to prevent dangerous things from happening, things as mundane unknown messages to limiting the amount of torque that can be applied

The Retropilot community has a Open Source Hardware Panda developed by Loet, these devices are available on the Retropilot shop and feature a handy DFU mode button, removing the need for a separate device to enter DFU mode when devices brick.

You can also use an Ocelot, a CAN Bus interceptor - a programmable device that lets you read and send any CAN messages. For more information, see Ocelot on the Retropilot Wiki.

(WIP: Want to cover the safety modes, leds meanings, quickly touch)

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