CAN's best friend!

Ocelot is a universal CAN gateway and interceptor designed to make retrofitting of existing vehicle components like the iBooster or Corolla EPS easier. It is also firmware-compatible with Comma.ai Panda, allowing it to be used with tools like Cabana for CAN data visualization/analysis.

Where to get it?

It can be obtained from the RetroPilot Shop or you can build it yourself from the board files and BOM.

How do I connect it to my RetroPilot device?

While there's a USB-C (not OBD-C) connector on the Ocelot, it's used just for firmware flashing via PC and diagnostics. The actual commanding of the Ocelot is communicated via CAN.

What's the interface on it?

The Ocelot includes 3x CAN bus interface, that allows you reading and sending whatever CAN messages your project needs! USB-C interface for flashing the firmware is also included. For more information on programming it to send the CAN messages you need, see the firmware section.

Technical overview:

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