Introduction (WIP)

New to the world of L2 autonomous driving? Have a read through this.

Few notes before we get started

  • This isn't a cheap hobby.

  • Being able to weld is a huge advantage if you're retrofitting older cars.

  • Read all the documentation before asking questions.

  • Throw specific questions into the retropilot server.

  • This is fairly risky stuff, you can do everything correct and still run into trouble.

  • Electric Power Steering modules are stronger than you, you will not win a fight with one.

  • Follow the path automakers take with their own systems, these are engineered to be safe.

  • Have fun! It's a hobby a the end of the day, don't take it so serious.

First and foremost - understand how your car is put together, every car is assembled differently with different technologies.

Older cars will likely use Hydraulic Electric Power Steering modules, these use a hydraulic pump powered either from the battery or by the auxiliary belt on your car, this creates hydraulic pressure in for your steering rack.

Newer cars typically all use Electronic Power Steering modules, these are electronic motors attached to your steering shaft, these were first introduced to save energy as you're directly driving an electric motor versus having losses induced with hydraulic fluid.

Automakers started implementing Lane Keep Assist functionality in around 2012 but it varies.

Toyotas and Volkswagens are the best platforms for retrofits, in most cases you just need to repin some connectors, and swap parts.

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